Telephone: 0151 520 3303

Postal Address: 39 Sefton Lane Industrial Estate, Maghull, Liverpool, L31 8BX

Welcome to Maghull Therapy

Maghull Therapy is based in Maghull in Liverpool and specialises in Massage Therapy for sports athletes, Sports injuries, general public and injury treatments.

Some of the services Maghull Therapy offer include, Body Massage, Stress management, Reiki, Electro Therapy, Beauty Treatment and much more...

In our modern society we are increasingly burdened by the demands of work in a frenetic, technological age and by family and social commitments. This results in deep-seated feelings of pressure, stress and general dissatisfaction with life.

PAMMPAMM (Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation)

The Maghull Therapy clinic offers the only machine of its kind (PAMM) available in Merseyside and also offers electro-mechanical treatments such as Ultra Sound, Interferential, Tens, G5 and Low Level Laser Therapy on painful areas where massage cannot be used. Read More


Maghull Therapy Clinic welcome the opportunity to discuss any of the treatments detailed on this web site.