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In our modern society we are increasingly burdened by the demands of work in a frenetic, technological age and by family and social commitments. This results in deep-seated feelings of pressure, stress and general dissatisfaction with life.

These feelings reveal themselves emotionally, physically and mentally. We believe in taking an holistic approach towards treatment of such problems in treating mind, body and spirit. Thereby the body’s natural tendency to strive towards homeostasis/balance is achieved. Our belief is that this is the key to good health.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any of the treatments detailed on this web site.


The practice was established in 1995 by Derek Ireland who continues as its principal practitioner to this date. That year Derek qualified in Aromatherapy & Swedish Massage, holds NVQ Level III. He continued training in Sports Massage and Advanced Remedial Massage/Sport Injuries gaining certificates with the International Institution of Sports Therapists/Intemational Therapy Examination Council, Focus Training & Assessment Award – Focus 1 Standard Fitness Instructor, Resistance Training Level II, Cardiovascular Level 2 and First Aid at Work.

He continued in the field at Maghull Health Studios, Rodney Street, Liverpool and The Whitfield Clinic,Wallasey providing a wide range of Sports therapy treatments including massage, ultrasound, interferential electrotherapy, posture analysis, exercise programmes/dietary advice.

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Derek started his career in Industry, which involved heavy lifting. In 1970 he suffered a fall in work which resulted in damage to his lower back and leg. He went down the usual roads for some 10 years seeing consultants, having spine manipulation, cortisone injections, physiotherapy and x-rays swallowing more painkillers than he would like to mention. In 1979 he was introduced to a man called George Thomas nicknamed “Bold” who was an ex-boxer and trainer for the St Helens Football Club during the 1950’s. He had his own ideas about fitness and injury treating only a select few working from his front sitting room with a dining room table as his massage couch and secret rubbing potions.

Bold set Derek goals, training, exercise and a good diet; his technique of massage, although primitive by today’s standards which was all hands on with no electrical equipment, proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel Derek had been searching for and he never looked back. Derek saw Bold for many years and gained ease from the pain in his back. He encouraged Derek to take up massage and attend courses, which he did.


Derek trained for seven years on Sports Remedial Massage/Specific Injury Courses and after qualifying opened a small clinic within a Health Studio in Maghull. As his clientele grew, he moved to larger premises in Maghull and purchased a P.A.M. (Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation) machine, on which he had been receiving treatment himself for over two years. During his training for this revolutionary machine he soon realised its worth. The mechanical fingers walk along the spine to realign the vertebral column and along with regular remedial massage he is able to maintain a full time rewarding career.