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Electro Therapy Treatments

The Maghull Therapy clinic offers commonly available electro-mechanical treatments such as Ultra Sound, Interferential, Tens, G5 and Low Level Laser Therapy on painful areas where massage cannot be used.

We are particularly excited to be the first practice on Merseyside to offer a revolutionary back treatment using Power Assisted Micro-Manipulation (PAM).

This specialist equipment is now available to treat back pain much more efficiently. The “Bionic Fingers” of this equipment will mobilise and re-align the complete vertebral column.

The spine is part of a dynamic system and its function is all about forces and movement.

electro therapy

In a healthy spine, stresses, during activity, flow through the spine as nature intended. Where stresses concentrate, the target segment becomes overstressed and stretched ligaments, disc lesions etc. are a natural consequence of this. Conventional Physiotherapy/sports therapy works by manipulating the segments of the spine. This machine can manipulate 25 times faster than the human hand but uses much less force in that the spine is not twisted or turned in any way. The patient simply lies face down in a straight line whilst the whole spine is treated.

This treatment is suitable for everyone, and it means that even elderly osteoporosis sufferers who could not have manual manipulation can be treated. The aim of the treatment is restore elasticity to the spine and thus allow healing processes to do their work unhampered by continual overstressing.

P.A.M has been developed over 14 years by Cornish engineer Robert Taylor. He looked at how stresses and strains build up in the spine and produced a machine to counter them.

The solution has been to develop a “bionic hand”. The therapist retains the sensitivity and control of their natural fingers whilst bionics enables the therapist to work with an energy and speed which would otherwise be impossible.

Traditional manipulation techniques cannot resolve conditions such as idiopathic scoliosis, kyphosis and lordosis. In reflex mode, the bionic fingers are employed to stimulate reflexes, which cause the spine to realign automatically and with unerring accuracy. With a combination of mobilisation and reflex modes there is virtually no spine, which cannot be restored to mechanical efficiency.

electro therapy