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Injury treatment is for everyone – whether your a sportsman or a non-sports person who needs assistance from a fall – then Maghull Therapy can help !

Interest and participation in sports and exercise has never been higher. People are increasingly taking part in such sports as aerobic dance, swimming, racquetball, handball, biking, tennis, basketball, and other activities that add to physical fitness. Unfortunately, along with the increased participation, there has also been an increase in sport-related injuries.

We are more aware than ever of many factors that can help prevent injuries, such as protective equipment kept in good repair, a well-conditioned body, and proper warm-up prior to exercise and participation in the sport. Also, keep in mind the body’s general condition, and restructure the physical activity accordingly. For example, a person who has a bad cold or an infection can make himself sicker or be more prone to injury if he doesn’t adjust his workout to a certain extent.

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The basic types of injury that occur in sports are acute trauma and overuse injury. The acute trauma requires immediate attention (such as a fracture or dislocation). The overuse injury is more subtle and may not be recognized at first. It occurs as a result of overtraining, improper techniques, etc. These injuries develop slowly, interfere with training, and can be slow in improving. Examples of overuse injuries include pulled muscles, strains and sprains, and tendinitis and bursitis.

Anyone who participates in sports or an exercise program needs to be aware not only of the benefits of the fitness program, but also of the high potential for injuries that may interfere with activity.

Sports remedial massage helps to search out areas under stress, helps you to train/work harder and a preventative maintenance plan once a month will help to keep those annoying aches and pains at bay.

Acute describes a condition that as a sudden onset, a sharp rise and lasts for a short period of time

Chronic describes a condition that is marked by long duration and frequent recurrence.

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