What is Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape is a water resistant latex free tape affecting the sensors of the skin changing the healing processes of the body.

Kinesio tape can be used to:

  • Treat Acute or Chronic injuries
  • Strengthen or relax muscles to restore normal muscle function
  • Support weak ligaments/tendons
  • Remove congestion of oedemas or haematomas
  • Give pain and pressure relief
  • Improve proprioceptors and joint biomechanics/alignment
It was used widely in 2012 Olympics- Four colours, pink, blue, black used for sport applications by elite athletes.

Before Application of Kinesio Tape

  • Shaving of area advised to ensure adequate adhesion and reduce pain levels on removal of tape
  • Do not use oils/moisturisers before application
After Application of Kinesio Tape
  • Leave at least 30minutes after application before exercise
  • Tape can be worn for 5 days
  • Exercise can be continued in most cases whilst using Kinesio tape
  • Kinesio tape is waterproof so ok to shower/bath but pat area dry afterwards-do not rub area with taping
  • Do Not blow dry wet area as will increase adhesion and make removal more difficult (however if tape is not sticking you can use hairdryer to help adhesion)
If there is severe itching lasting for few hours-remove tape using aqueous cream/oil after bathing

When removing the tape, peel off gently- do not rip

kinesio tape