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We use the term ‘Pre-Event’ to refer to massage undertaken before some potentially stressful event. This may be a physically demanding occasion such as a sports event but, equally, it may be a psychologically demanding social event.

Massage is one of the most natural ways to de-stress the human body. With the ever increasing physical and emotional pressures of modem living making relentless demands on the body, massage has the potential to reduce strain and alleviate pain. It is also invaluable in preventative treatment of sporting and performing injuries. Everyone, young or old can experience the benefits of massage, whether in the form of remedial, relaxing or simply a spontaneous neck massage.

pre-event massage

Everyone Enjoys Massage

From babies to the elderly, from sportsmen and women to friends and lovers, all can benefit from this powerful form of communication. An effective aid to relaxation, massage helps to smooth away stress, unknotting tense and aching muscles, relieving headaches and helping sleep problems. But massage is also invigorating: it improves the functioning of many of the bodies systems promotes healing and tones muscles, leaving you with a feeling of recovered energy.

The older generation

Older people often benefit psychologically from the intimate touch of massage. Regular treatments also assists the circulation and reduces the risk of muscle strain.

At work

Most people experience stress at work, and many professions involve physical strain of some kind. Massage provides a valuable therapy for both types of problem.


Massage helps parents cope with the worry of looking after children, and the strains that parenthood can cause.


Children often derive great pleasure from massage, and it has a useful role to play in relieving the distress of childhood illnesses. The value of massage as a means of reducing anxiety in young people is well documented.

Swedish / Body Massage

This form of massage is used as an ‘all over’ massage technique that will stimulate the circulation and lymphatic drainage, this type of massage is very relaxing. It also can be used as part of your warm up to help circulation before an event, (pre sport).