What Is Reiki?

Reiki comes from two Japanese words – Rei (meaning Universal) and Ki (meaning life force energy).

This Universal Life force Energy flows through all living things. We receive this energy from a number of sources including sunshine, air and food and it can be increased through Reiki. When the energy is high, you feel strong and confident, but when it is low you can feel wake, vulnerable and be prone to sickness.


Throughout the history of mankind, healing methods have existed which were based on the transfer of a universal, all-pervading life energy. the knowledge of Reiki would have remained lost forever had it not been rediscovered in 2,500 year-old Sanskrit sutras at a Japanese monastery by Dr. Mikao Usui towards the end of the 19th Century.

Reiki is not a religion, nor is it a faith system. All that is required of a person is the willingness to heal.

How does Reiki Work?

When the Universal Life Force Energy flow is adversely affected in some way, illness can result. Negative and disharmonious thoughts and feelings can cause disruption in the flow of energy. It has been stated that some doctors believe that up to 98% of illness is caused primarily through the mental/emotional state of a person.

The Reiki Therapist channels the Universal Life Force Energy through the hands to the recipient, activating the body’s own natural ability to heal. Reiki goes to the deepest level where illnesses originate. It releases blocked energy, cleanses the body of toxins and helps to create a state of balance. Reiki functions on all levels of a person’s being and adjusts itself according to the needs of the recipient, helping them to take responsibility for their life and to make changes in attitudes/lifestyle to promote a happy and healthy life.


What Does Therapy Entail?

Reiki is a very simple, yet powerful technique.

Normally a Reiki therapy session is done with the recipient lying down on a massage table. The recipient remains fully clothed and is covered by a blanket. The therapist lightly places his or her hands in various positions over the whole body. Each position is held for several minutes. Throughout the session no pressure is exerted. This means that Reiki can be given to those recovering from surgery, the elderly, the very young and pregnant women.

The whole body is treated to enable the energy to go to the source of imbalance and not just to the manifesting symptom.

A Reiki therapy session usually takes between one to one and a half hours.

What Will You Experience?

What the recipient feels varies by individual, but generally speaking you will feel warmth or a tingling sensation in the area being touched.

As your energy is brought into balance, stress and tension is released. This results in a feeling of well-being and deep relaxation.

Can Reiki Harm You?

Reiki complements and increases the effectiveness of most kinds of medical treatment. It is a completely safe, holistic and natural way of treating ‘dis-ease’.

The therapist only uses channeled Reiki energy and therefore does not deplete his or her own energies. Indeed the therapist retains some of the residual Reiki Energy.